Workflow Management Technology

Make your organization more Data and Quality driven, improve patient satisfaction and achieve operational savings — all at the same time.

With our Healthcare Workflow Technology Management services, you can quickly automate and deliver an array of services – at significant lower cost – while enhancing the quality of the healthcare service.

Alphatech’s consultants and engineer helps our clients to implement computerized workflow systems to support the collection and dissemination of healthcareinformation that has been an area of focus in Healthcare industries formany years.

Alphatech’s experts deploy workflow as a strategic solution and work with a cross functional implementation team were key factors forsuccess and developing an understanding of the flow of data into and through the system, given the complexities of work processes, was challenging. Understanding theorganizational impact of workflow, the maturity of the workflow management system, and the human interaction and participation intrinsic to workflow is also necessary.

Our experts brings greater insight into the applicability and benefits of the work flow technologies to deliver maximum ROI and build the client's capability to undertake future enhancementsbased on their business need.

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  • Electronic Patient Health Records Workflow
  • Healthcare Data Acquisition, Integration and Conversion
  • Health Insurance Workflow Management (User Enrollment, Underwriting and Claim Processing)
  • Telemedicine Technologies