Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) Services

While social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies add a new dimension to your business model, to fully maximize their value consider the sum is greater than its parts.

The formula for the Future of Work is called SMAC - social, mobile, analytics and cloud on one integrated stack, where each function enables another to maximize their effect. This is the new enterprise IT model delivering an organization that is more connective, collaborative, real-time and productive

At Alphatech, our experts delivering SMAC-enabled solutions. Our deep industry expertise combined with a global, collaborative insight is helping our clients to make the transition from the fourth wave of Corporate IT to the fifth with a new compounding, mutually By embracing big data and predictive analytics to create multidimensional customer profiles, companies can make more informed business decisions that better anticipate customer needs, wants and desires.

We support and bring expertise to create a new master IT architecture that blends social, mobile, big data analytics and cloud technologies is emerging to catalyze organizational productivity and business competitiveness.