Business Process Management

Make your organization more agile, improve customer satisfaction and achieve operational savings — all at the same time.

With our BPM services, you can quickly automate business processes and increase productivity using proven workflow management tools and integration software packages. With extensive global experience across industries, we can create a flexible process platform tailored to your business needs.

Alphatech client’s look to our expertise and in-depth business process knowledge to harness the transformational power of technology to create business value today and competitive advantage for tomorrow. The strategy executed is Business Process Management (BPM), and we're experts in the analysis, planning, and implementation of enterprise BPM solutions.

Our experts consider the people, processes, and technologies that contribute to your operating environment. This strategic view helps us uncover ways to better align IT with the business and build a foundation that will improve productivity, increase service levels, and control costs and risks.

Alphatech’s consultants and engineers provide every service required for successful business process improvement. Most engagements include our high–level analysis and creation of the project roadmap. For many, we assume complete project responsibility. On others, we only supplement the client's team. In every engagement, however, Alphatech’s consultants transfer knowledge and mentor the client team. Our goal is not to prolong the engagement or create a dependency on our team. The goal is to deliver maximum ROI and build the client's capability to undertake future enhancements.

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  • Business Process Discovery and Strategic Analysis
  • Business Transformational Planning
  • Business Process Implementation
  • Business Optimization and Support

Business Process Discovery and Strategic Analysis

The Alphatech’s process begins by understanding the client's business strategy within its industry's competitive landscape. Operations are examined across the business unit or enterprise to identify cost sources and customer satisfaction contact points. Further analysis develops an opportunity portfolio of attainable and sustainable process transformations that reduce costs, optimize efficiencies, and stimulate productivity to deliver predictable ROI.

Strategic Analysis by Alphatech is a collaborative effort with the client team. Our consultants are selected, in part, for their capacity to mentor, and knowledge transfer is an intended priority on every engagement. The result is a confident, cohesive partnership with a project roadmap in hand that is focused on initiatives promising a high probability of success and significant ROI.

Alphatech Service Offerings:

  • Business Strategy and Review
  • Business Case and Evaluation
  • Concept to Realization Planning and Assessment
  • Coordinate Business & IT Strategies

Business Transformational Planning

Armed with a detailed project roadmap and clear, attainable goals, Alphatech analysts apply disciplined transformational planning assessment to prepare the project partnership for implementation tasks ahead. Business process improvements proposed are modeled and simulated in a development environment to confirm predicted enhancements. Additional technology solutions can be identified and enterprise application integration issues uncovered.

Transformational Planning by the Alphatech team also extends to program management and methodology. Processes for change management, shared services design, funding approval requests, team identifications, resource allocation, and staff augmentation are detailed and documented. Requirements for executive management alignment and input are identified and confirmed.

Alphatech’s experience in numerous successful Business Process Management implementations supports our belief in the importance of transformational planning based on solid business strategies and holistic implementation plans. This phase is critical to the overall project success. Alphatech Service Offering highlights includes:

  • Business Process and Fitment Analysis
  • Business Case and Evaluation
  • Risk Management
  • Change Management
  • Business Engagement Roadmap (Project Plan, Project charter, and Resource Allocations)

Business Process Implementation

Alphatech’s proven methodology and experienced team of industry–leading consultants ensure the success of client projects. Our unique collaborative and iterative methodology anticipates surprises and minimizes rework, while shortening project duration to maximize ROI.

Development of Business Requirement Specifications and Technology Requirements address the client's strategic, operational, and economic goals. Alphatech employs agile application development philosophies and can leverage offshore development resources if appropriate to increase ROI and further reduce the development cycle.

Our Business Process Management (BPM) consultants can assume responsibility for the entire project or lead specific initiatives under the client team's management. We adapt our team structure for each project to support Full Life Cycle Management tasks including installation, configuration, customization and integration. Specific responsibilities can include SQA Testing, data conversion, and training to ensure that successful 'Go-Live' meets every project deadline. Alphatech Service Offering highlights includes:

  • Business Requirements
  • User and Technology Requirements
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Business Process Configuration and Customization
  • Application Development and Configuration
  • Full Life Cycle Management
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance
  • Functional, Performance and Automated Testing
  • User Training
  • Business Activity Monitoring and Hyper-care Support
  • Technology Infrastructure Setup

Business Optimization and Support

Business Process Management (BPM) is a continuing requirement. A company does not "fix" its processes; it "manages" them. Technology advances. Competition responds – often with chaos marketing concepts that turn industry thinking on its head.

As well, business process transformation can have ripple effects. While foreseen and accommodated by the Alphatech team, these issues are not sufficient to delay major project initiatives. Our Optimization services identify lower-level process tweaks and technology opportunities to squeeze every last dollar of ROI from operations.

Alphatech nurtures and empowers change for our clients with post–implementation support services. Continuing to mentor the client team, our consultant’s research and introduce new technologies, present application enhancements, and discuss industry trends to foster an awareness of the need for continuous improvement. Identified technology and application upgrades are delivered seamlessly by Alphatech engineers. Alphatech Service Offering highlights includes:

  • Optimization and Support Services
  • On-Shore or Off-Shore Models
  • Out-sourcing Services
  • Service Level Agreement and Escalation