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Appropriate Use of Alhatech Computer Systems

Welcome to ALPHATECH Remote Access! This access is available to its employees and those authorized by ALPHATECH to access certain ALPHATECH computer systems for their convenience. We hope you enjoy it.

Access to ALPHATECH's Outlook Exchange electronic mail system, computer systems and Intranet via the remote access gateway is restricted to those authorized by ALPHATECH only. These systems are the sole property of ALPHATECH and are to be used only for conducting Company business or for purposes authorized by management.

By logging on and using the ALPHATECH Remote Access SSLVPN to access ALPHATECH systems, each user consents to have the Company or its designees inspect, copy, or disclose any e-mail, electronic communication, or any other information you place on or transmit using these systems at any time without further notice. Each user also agrees not to hold ALPHATECH responsible for damage to non-ALPHATECH hardware, software or electronic data, or for technical support related to these items.

All communications made through ALPHATECH's systems and all material placed on them must conform with ALPHATECH’s Code of Conduct and the Company's information management policies, including ALPHATECH's Electronic Mail System Policy, Internet and Intranet Policy and Information Security Policy. Anyone who accesses these systems has an obligation to safeguard confidential information and to take steps to protect it from loss or theft. Additionally, similar to intellectual property created while working for ALPHATECH, intellectual property developed or created utilizing these systems is the exclusive property of ALPHATECH.

Unauthorized access, use, retention, modification, or dissemination of Company information is strictly prohibited. Violations should be reported to local management and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. By signing in you agree to these terms.