System Engineering

Alphatech provides support to every phase of the engineering lifecycle from design and development to testing, simulation, and implementation.

This is a critical service as government agencies are increasingly facing complex and challenging demands that require the maintenance of reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective operating environments. Alphatech provides government agencies with specialized technical and domain expertise to supplement their staff resources and expand their capabilities.

Our expertly crafted solutions are sustainable and supportable. We view the enterprise as a collection of people, processes, and technology. Each element affects the successful operation of systems, tools, networks, and facilities. Combining the expertise of our analysts, designers, cognitive experts, IT professionals, and engineers, we are able to help clients meet their broad business goals. Our engineers and associates have certifications in CISCO (CCNA, CCNP, and CCDA), Microsoft (MCSE), MCP, Nortel, Extreme, and Juniper.

Our experts brings greater insight into the applicability and benefits of the system engineering services to deliver maximum ROI and build the client's capability to undertake future enhancementsbased on their business need.

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  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Modeling and Simulation – Command, Control, Communication and Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4SIR)
  • System Integration – Program Life Cycle
  • Cyber Analytics and Security

Independent Verification and Validation

Alphatech helps organizations answer the questions: Are we building the right system? And, are we building the system right? Through independent verification and validation (IV&V) we verify that processes have been followed and validate whether the end result meets the stated requirements. Our external viewpoint provides an objective assessment in each phase of the development lifecycle to discover and address potential issues before they impact the project and become costly to correct. Alphatech’s expertise includes IV&V during preproduction as well as continuous monitoring during later operations and maintenance stages.

Our rigorous IV&V methods, based on a combination of metrics, proprietary best practices and tools, and industry best practices, promote systems that deliver business benefits within budget and on schedule. Our certified automated tool administrators and architects have expert knowledge in selecting and implementing a wide range of tools that bring added value to the process. We provide consistent, reliable, and timely support, whether you’re refining existing systems or pursing new development initiatives.

Our independent review, validation, and recommendations during the solicitation phase of the procurement cycle help ensure that vendor evaluation criteria are consistent, metric-based, and clearly articulated in solicitation documents. We consistently apply contractual metrics during our Due Diligence Reviews conducted concurrently with lifecycle phase gate reviews, to track project performance and progress against program success criteria.

Test and Evaluation

Alphatechengineers specialize in providing Test and Evaluation services. Our Test and Evaluation strategies are aimed for all phases of program lifecycle. We can support integration, test and evaluation of the planning, execution and analysis levels. Our solutions include data reduction and analysis tools related to distributed data collection and data processing.

Modeling and Simulation

Alphatech provides Modeling & Simulation services that links to wide area of Command, Control, Communication and Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) domain. Our Modeling & Simulation strategy is extensively focused on program risk reduction acquisition timelines and overall lifecycle cost reduction. Modeling & Simulation methods are applied to almost all phases of acquisitions and systems engineering processes. Alphatech Associates has excellent solutions to assist clients reducing cost, mitigating risks, identifying and solving key systems interoperability and scalability issues.

Systems Integration

Modern C4ISR systems highly rely on information exchanges across various systems at different layers of organizations. Success of such System of Systems operation depends on seamless systems integration. Alphatech associates have extensive experience in solving complex interoperability issues by leveraging state of the art modeling & simulation and test & evaluation methodologies.

Cyber Analytics and Security

Alphatech associates have one of the most innovative solutions for deep packet inspection to monitor & visualize for defending threats and targeted attacks. By leveraging powerful GPU based data analysis algorithms, Alphatech Associate’s solutions are groundbreaking. We also have solutions to put threats and vulnerabilities in a modeling emulation test bed environment to simulate cyber security phenomena for studies and analysis.